Towing Capacity for Honda Odyssey

by | Sep 6, 2022

Honda Odyssey Towing Capacity

If you are looking to buy a Honda Odyssey and want to know its towing capacity, the blog post is for you. 

While the Honda Odyssey can comfortably take you and your family to your destinations, it also has exceptional towing capabilities. 

This blog post will look at the Honda Odyssey’s towing capacity from 2012 to the latest generation. 

What is the Towing Capacity for Honda Odyssey?

The Honda Odyssey has a towing capacity ranging from 3000 pounds to 3500 pounds, depending on the year and trim levels. 

Irrespective of the trims or generation, the maximum the Honda Odyssey can tow is 3500 pounds. 

Let’s look at the Honda Odyssey’s towing capacity by generation and trim.

Honda Odyssey Towing Capacity by Generation: 

YearMaximum Towing Capacity (lbs)

Honda Odyssey Towing Capacity by Trims:

TrimsTowing Capacity (lbs)
Honda Odyssey LX3000
Honda Odyssey DX3000
Honda Odyssey EX3000
Honda Odyssey SE3000
Honda Odyssey EX-L3000
Honda Odyssey Touring3500
Honda Odyssey Touring Elite3500
Honda Odyssey Elite3500


What Can the Honda Odyssey Tow?

The Honda Odyssey has a maximum towing capacity of 3500 pounds. While you may think this is small compared to other towing vehicles, it still can tow different things and give you many options on your travels and adventures. 

Other Vehicles: 

Most vehicles weigh under 3400 pounds maximum capacity of the Honda Odyssey, so pulling another car with your Honda Odyssey should be pretty straightforward. 

For example, it can tow a Honda Civic that weighs around 2300 pounds. You can even add up to four persons to the Honda.

So, your Honda Odyssey can be helpful in times of emergency when you need to tow another vehicle.

Fishing Boat/Speedboat: 

If you love fishing in the lake, then the Honda Odyssey can come in handy. Just ensure your speedboat and trailer don’t weigh more than 3500 pounds. 

I recommend only towing smaller boats like the aluminum and fiberglass boats with your Honda Odyssey.

A Camper trailer: 

Your Honda Odyssey can tow a small or lightweight Camper trailer like the Jayco Hummingbird or the A-frame and Teardrop trailers. 

They all weigh less than 3500 pounds maximum capacity of the Honda Odyssey. 

If you like the outdoors, you can travel with your family in your Honda Odyssey, with a small camper trailer in tow.


The Honda Odyssey can also pull motorcycles like the Kawasaki Concours 14.

Horse Trailer with Horse inside: 

If you love horses and need to transport your Horse, the Honda Odyssey is a safe bet to get you and your Horse where you need to be. 

An average Horse trailer weighs around 2000 pounds while a horse weighs 1000 pounds. That leaves 500 pounds payload for other things. 

Towing Safety Tips for Your Honda Odyssey

You still need to follow some guidelines when towing your Honda Odyssey. 

Yes, we know the Honda Odyssey is sturdy and made for the outdoors, but you still have to follow some essential tips. 

Before going out and towing with your Honda Odyssey, you need to know the following tips:

  1. Do not drive over 55 mph; you may lose control of your trailer or even the Odyssey. 
  2. Always stay at least 4 seconds behind the car in front of you. 
  3. Please don’t allow it to bend towards your Honda Odyssey for more than 90 degrees when you want to back up a trailer. 
  4. Your tongue weight is 10%-15% of the trailer’s total weight. Consider this when loading your Honda Odyssey so as not to exceed the Payload capacity of your car. 
  5. Inspect all the brakes, lights, and fluids before driving.  

The Towing Features of the 2022 Honda Odyssey

With the Towing Capacity for the 2022 Honda Odyssey set at a maximum of 3500 pounds, the vehicle still offers many other towing-friendly features to help make your towing experience great. 

These features keep you safe, so you need to know them. These features include: 

  1. Direct ignition system with immobilizer
  2. Active control engine mount system
  3. Hondas Eco Assist system
  4. Intelligent traction management system
  5. Hill start assist
  6. Idle stop
  7. Active Noise cancellation


The Honda Odyssey has a maximum towing capacity of 3500 pounds, depending on the generation and trims. 

The Honda Odyssey can tow other vehicles, a fishing boat, a small camper trailer, and a horse trailer. 

It also has enough space to carry smaller things you want to transport in your Honda Odyssey. 

So, if you want a vehicle that can take the whole family on a camping trip or a fishing outing, then the Honda Odyssey may be the one for you.