Towing Capacity Of The Ford F350

by | Sep 30, 2022

Towing Capacity of Ford Super Duty F350

Are you an outdoor person considering getting the Ford F350 but needing to know its maximum towing capacity before buying it? 

This blog post will look at the towing capacity of the Ford F350 across multiple generations. 

We will also discuss the engines of the Ford F350, what it can tow, and the safety features to ensure your towing is safe. 

What is the Towing Capacity of the Ford F350

The Ford F350 has a conventional towing capacity of 21,000 pounds but can reach a maximum of 32,000 pounds if configured with a 5th wheel Gooseneck substructure. 

The Ford F350 also has two engines. The first is a gas-powered 6.2L V8 engine that produces 385 horsepower and 430 lb-ft of torque. The second is a diesel-powered 6.7L power stroke engine that delivers 450 horsepower and 935 lb-ft of torque.

The Ford F350 also comes in different generations with diverse towing capacities. Let’s examine the towing capacity of the F350 over the years, starting from 2014 to 2022: 

YearMaximum Towing Capacity
202232,000 lbs
202132,000 lbs
202032,000 lbs
201932,000 lbs
201832,000 lbs
201732,000 lbs
201626,500 lbs
201526,500 lbs
201426,500 lbs

What is the Payload Capacity of the Ford F350?

The Ford F350 has a maximum payload capacity of 7,850 pounds if you are driving the F350 DRW, while the payload capacity of the F350 SRW is 4,960 pounds. 

So, if you own a Ford F350, the maximum weight you should carry should not exceed 7,850 pounds. 

TrimPayload Capacity
F350 DRW7,850 pounds
F350 SRW4,960 pounds

In simpler terms, if you own a Ford F350, the maximum weight you should carry should not exceed 7,850 pounds. Staying over this capacity can lead to a busted tire or accident. And staying under the payload capacity will help you have more control of the truck. 

What is the GVWR of the Ford F350?

The GVWR is the vehicle’s total weight, including cargo and passengers. The GVWR of the Ford F350 is 13,000 pounds, and this is the total weight the Ford F350 should not exceed.

Whatever you are carrying, added to the passengers, should not be more than 13,000 pounds. 

What Can the Ford F350 Tow?

The Ford F350 is one of the best in its class, with the capability to tow many heavy-duty cargos. 

So, if you are getting the Ford F350, you will want to know what it can tow easily and the limits of its power. 

Here are some things the Ford F350 can tow:

  1. Boat trailer
  2. Mobile House
  3. Building equipment like a Cement mixer
  4. Speeding boats
  5. Utility trailer
  6. Pop-up camper 

And not just that, the Ford F350 is strong enough to tow a combination of the above, as long as you ensure the Gross Combined weight (GCW) does not exceed the maximum capacity of 32,000 pounds. 

You can haul the following combined things at once:

  • Fifth-wheel camper (up to 12,000 pounds)
  • Boat trailer (up to 3000 pounds)
  • Motorcycle (1000 pounds)
  • Utility trailer (up to 5200 pounds) 
  • Pop-up camper (up to 3000 pounds) 

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Towing Capacity of Ford F350 and Tire Sizes

The wrong tire on your Ford F350 truck can affect the towing capacity.

It isn’t only the payload capacity and GVWR you have to look out for; you also need the right tires to have a seamless ride. 

This section will show you the right tire for your Ford F350, according to your trim. 

Ford F350 TrimRecommended Tire Size
King Ranch 2WD275/65R18
King Ranch 4WD1. 275/65R18
2. 275/70R18
3. 285/75R18
4. 275/65R20
Lariat 2WD275/65R18
Lariat 4WD1. 275/65R18
2. 275/70R18
3. 285/75R18
4. 275/65R20
XL 2WD1. 245/75R17
2. 265/70R17
3. 275/65R18
XL 4WD1. 245/75R17
2. 265/70R17
3. 275/65R18
4. 275/70R18
XLT 2WD275/65R18
XLT 4WD1. 275/65R18
2. 275/70R18
3. 285/75R18
4. 275/65R20

What Safety Features Comes with the Ford F350

With such high towing capacity, the Ford F 350 also has some safety features to help keep you safe and make your driving experience pleasurable. 

The Ford F350 employs a lot of technology, and we will list and discuss some of them. 

  • Infotainment System shows your car’s rearview through a camera placed at the vehicle’s rear. The display comes on immediately after you reverse the car. 
  • Rear Center High-Mounted Stop Lamp: This allows you to see your cargo when driving. You can upgrade it to Ultimate Trailer Tow Camera System if you want a better display or coverage. The latter has a front and side camera that possesses a 360-degree bird view of the truck. 
  • Standard Trailer Sway Control and AdvanceTrac with Roll Stability Control: This feature will ensure your cargo doesn’t sway from one side to the other during towing.
  • Blind Spot Information System with Trailer Coverage: This feature allows you to see the other side and ensure it’s safe and clear to change lanes. 

Other features do other things. For example, if you want to transport more minor items, you can just put them in the truck bed. 

The Ford F350 has a truck bed made of high-strength military-grade aluminum, which can take a payload of 7640 pounds. 

This Payload is outside the 32,000-towing capacity. 

The Ford F350 also comes with other accessories to help load, secure, and unload your Payload from the truck. 

One of such accessories is the tailgate step and bars that run the length of the truck. 

These steps make loading and unloading your things from the truck bed easier. 

Another one is the stowable loading ramps that make it easier to load the Payload. 

As the name implies, it enables you to roll your heavy payloads. 


The Ford F350 has a maximum towing capacity of 32,000 pounds.

That means you can tow many things with it, including a pop-up camper, a mobile home, a speeding boat/fishing boat, and even building equipment and materials like cement and gravel. 

It also comes with safety features like Blind Spot Information System with Trailer Coverage, Standard Trailer Sway Control, an AdvanceTrac; and Rear Center High-Mounted Stop Lamp to ensure safety and confidence when driving.